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About Us

OUR VISION: To provide quality palliative care to all in our community.
OUR MISSION: Golden Gateway Hospice takes care of people living with life limiting and/or life threatening diseases and their families in our community; enhancing quality of life, dignity in death and support in bereavement through direct patient care, training, supervision and mentorship in palliative care of strategic partner organizations.


Early Days! During 1987 Rev. Mike Crommelin from the Methodist Church in Bethlehem visited St. Christopher’s in England and on his return inspired certain members…
Golden Gateway Hospice offices are in  Bethlehem in the Free State, South Africa. We are a member of H.P.C.A (Hospice Palliative Care of South Africa). …
The word “hospice” comes from the Latin word “hospes” which means to host a guest or stranger. In the 11th century, people with incurable diseases…


What a wonderful way to start a day. Thank you to Rotary for these gifts of the Wheelchairs.
This patient of Golden Gateway Hospice has not been out of bed for 3 months. She said that she is always relying on others to do everything for her. When we brought the wheelchair into her room she had already moved down to the bottom of the bed in preparation to climb onto the wheelchair. She is so full of praise and thankfulness that she was chosen to get a wheel chair. She said that she has been having a lot of emotional stress due to relying on others to fetch her grant money, and this is the only income that she has. Now she can collect it herself. She can't wait to go to the shops and do some shopping. She said that now she is able to go and visit friends, sit in the sun and come and visit us at our offices.

This patient of Golden Gateway Hospice is unable to move due to her illness. She has not been outside her home except to go to the local clinic in the last 3 years. She is totally dependent on some else doing everything for her. When the wheelchair was carried into her home, (the wheels of the chair were not allowed to get mud on them) she burst into tears and couldn't stop crying. We sat her in there and she had this wonderful smile on her face with the tears streaming down. This is going to make life better for her and easier for her carer.


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