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On the 4th of October 2013 Golden Gateway Hospice opened a second shop in the form of a book shop. Karin Jordaan always had a dream of having a book shop at the Hospice. We receive many book and as the name of the book shop is "Die Weduwee se Kruik" which when tranlated  comes from Kings in the Bible talking about the woman that had so much oil it just kept on flowing. Karin says this is like the books they never seem to stop coming to the Hospice ( which is a good thing). This is one of our new sustainablity projects.

Every year the AFGRI Silos are asked to grow a vegetable garden and donate the vegetables to a charity. We were fortunate to have Kransfontein Silo choose us as the benificiary of the vegetables. It was wonderful to receive so much and the patients were very happy. Nutrition is an improtant part of Palliative Care and to be able to supply fresh vegetables to them makes such a difference.

What a wonderful way to start a day. Thank you to Rotary for these gifts of the  10 Wheelchairs.

The first patient of Golden Gateway Hospice has not been out of bed for 3 months. She said that she is always relying on others to do everything for her.  When we brought the wheelchair into her room she had already moved down to the bottom of the bed in preparation to climb onto the wheelchair.  She is so full of praise and thankfulness that she was chosen to get a wheel chair. She said that she has been having a lot of emotional stress due to relying on others to fetch her grant money, and this is the only income that she has. Now she can collect it herself. She can’t wait to go to the shops and do some shopping. She said that now she is able to go and visit friends, sit in the sun and come and visit us at our offices.


The second patient of Golden Gateway Hospice is unable to move due to her illness. She has not been outside her home except to go to the local clinic in the last 3 years. She is totally dependent on some else doing everything for her. When the wheelchair was carried into her home, (the wheels of the chair were not allowed to get mud on them) she burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying.  We sat her in there and she had this wonderful smile on her face with the tears streaming down. This is going to make life better for her and easier for her carer.

FNB Volunteers have been wonderful to Golden Gateway Hospice. This support group of girls meet monthly to dicuss problems that they are having and to be given education on a variety of subjects, for example how to say no and also how their bodies are changing as they grow up. FNB kindly donated a gift pack specially packed for a young girl.

On Heritage Day this year the Day Care Centre had an event where all the children dressed up  in their cultural clothes and spent a day dancing and learning about their culture. The children enjoyed all the traditional dancing. 

On the 16th of June 2013 it was a very special day for one of our Professional Nurse at Golden Gateway Hospice. She celebrated her 70th Birthday.

Sr Bellina has been working here at the Hospice since August 2 2004

When our Day Care Centre had extra classrooms built we were in desperate need of more tables and chairs for the children. The First National Bank Volunteer Group Generously donated some tables and chairs to the Day Care Centre this year

A much needed donation of Stationery was given to our Children that attend our program "Educare" at our Multipurpose Centre from the Volunteer Group at First National Bank. The children were so happy to get this gift

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